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Franchising Opportunities

If your company is in a specialised area and you are suffering from non-availability of hose assemblies, then maybe NELSON can help you.

Examples would be: -

1.  If you are in an area where inward distribution is by a distributer who is 100's of miles away.

2.  A classic car component distributer who cannot obtain stock fast enough.

3.  Small assembly plants where the desire for more local content is present.

If your company has an automotive spares business in an area where manufacturing is not the norm, then an assembly plant could give you local advantages.



How does it work?


1.  We sign an agreement.

2.  Nelson provides the machinary.

3.  Nelson provides the necessary production components at affordable prices.

4.  Nelson will train your staff, either at our plant or yours.

5.  You pay an initial sum for the machinary, confidential assembly information and all components.





How long does it take?hose-tester

1.  Approximately 1 month to agree on the terms of the agreement.

2.  1 to 3 months to determine which models you wish to assemble.

3.  Approximately 3 months to manufacture and ship the eqipment.

4.  Approximately 2 weeks training



The ability to give customers what they want while they wait is what distinguishes the Nelson franchisee.