Nelson Stokes Ltd. hydraulic brake hose, assemblies, cylinder repair kits and brake seals
Manufacturers of the largest All Makes range of brake hoses

Welcome to Nelson Stokes

The company with over 40 years BRAKE HOSE experience, producing quality brake products you can rely upon.

You have over 6,500 part numbers to choose from, which together cover 95% of the car parc of UK, European and Japanese built cars.

This range is constantly growing.  A modest range of hoses for USA built vehicles is also available.


If your market requires hoses for Classic cars, then somewhere in the 6,500 products are the hoses you are looking for.

You do not only buy Brake Hoses from NELSON, you buy peace of mind which comes from our inbuilt quality standards. (For further information on quality, see our quality page.)

Delivery is negotiable and can range from immediate "made on the spot" to 5 or 6 weeks.

In some circumstances it is possible to arrange an Assembly Franchise.

Other products available for purchase include Cylinder and caliper Repair Kits. These may be purchased complete or as individual components.



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Latest News

  • New to range April 2023
    New to range April 2023 12/04/2023 15:05:00 Latest additions to our range of Brake hoses..
    NEW TO RANGE DECEMBER 2022 13/03/2023 12:34:00 THERE HAVE BEEN A GREAT MANY NEW REFERENCES ADDED SINCE JANUARY 2022 For a full detailed list please click above.
    FORD CARGO BRAKE HOSES NOW AVAILABLE 02/05/2014 08:33:00 We now supply all models of Ford Cargo brake hoses. For a quotation please contact us either by email - Phone - 01840213711 or follow the link below .
  • Classic Car Range Now Included
    Classic Car Range Now Included 17/07/2011 18:55:00 Nelson web site now includes a large range of classic cars from 1930 onwards.