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Brake Hoses

With over 6,500 references and growing daily, our range of "all makes" brake hoses is probably the most the most complete and dynamic of any supplier. Manufactured, assembled and tested to meet the requirements of SAE J1401, FMVSS 106 and ISO 3996, all our products come with a 2 year "no quibble" guarantee.



RANGE: - UK, European and Japanese built cars and light commercial vehicles. Some USA built cars.

Quality : - Manufatured under ISO 9001:2015 quality system, our brake hoses exceed the requirements of international standards.

Quantity: - There is no minimum quantity. All hoses are made to order and can range from 1 upwards.

Presentation: - Supplied in tasteful Nelson boxes or plastic tubes, or "own brand" boxes or tubes.



Delivery: - Small quantities can usually be sent within 1 to 7 days. Larger quantities usually require 5 to 6 weeks notice to ensure all component parts are available.

Training: - Continuous training means our employees are skilled in a multitude of tasks. This flexability ensures that peak demands are met.

Equipment: - Because we thrive on variety, our equipment ranges from purpose built in-house machines to sophisticated computer controlled machines. This allows us to meet the ever changing demands from our customers. Constant improvement is our goal. We have over 40 years of improvement, a result born out of experience.

Product Range: - This is constantly being updated. Your own designs can be accommodated. How quickly depends upon if the component parts are available in our current extensive range of over 2,500 items.



Relationships: - You will be allocated your own administrative contact, who will become familliar with your requirements and be available to help you with any enquiry.